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Millions of teens around the country are looking to become employed after school, on the weekends and over the summer. Some may be looking for their very first job while others have technical certificates that give them a higher skillset than some of their peers. At, we are dedicated to helping teens find the right path for reaching their goals. We currently offer a variety of advertising opportunities. Teenagers access our site every day to explore millions of job openings that are updated daily, search through thousands of trade and vocational schools and seek out entrepreneurial opportunities as viable careers.

When you have something exciting to offer the teens that advertise on our site, we want to hear about it. Our audience spans a wide range of teenagers that are excited about working in the workplace. Instead of placing ads across the internet and in print publications around the country, we make it easy for you to reach the people that are your target demographic.

Job Listings and Internships

TeenCareer empowers the youth of today to take control of their lives by finding a job listing that can provide them with an exciting new career. If you have a vacancy in your organization that is ideal for a teenager to fill, click here to post your position(s). We’ve made the cost affordable for employers, with $49 per posting for a 45 day period. This can be a paying job, a paid internship or even a volunteer internship. Teens are looking for all sorts of opportunities based on their own goals. While many are looking to put money in their pocket, others are looking to the future, considering college applications and landing the perfect job to boost their career – in which case volunteer jobs can be a very advantageous undertaking. No matter what the position is, our teens want to see what’s out there for them.

The teens that visit are constantly looking for new ways to earn an income and learn new skills. Many teens are looking at different industries to determine where their passion lies to be able to plan for the rest of their lives. You have the opportunity to advertise with the teens here to help mold them into a better employee. Supporting interests and education are the primary reason why teens are looking to become employed and we are doing our part to assist in this endeavor. By advertising with us, you are able to reach more teens and gain more applications than ever before.

We all had to start somewhere in our career and we are trying to give teens a great starting point. Our rates are priced to support employers like you who are interested in helping our teens and high school students get started in a job or internship that can pave the way to bigger and better things. Click here to start!

List Your Trade Schools

Teens are constantly searching for fun, new careers. Part of this includes looking for trade schools where they know they can increase their earning potential by learning specific skills for a particular trade. You can advertise your school where many of your potential students already are.

Trade schools are quickly becoming popular amongst high school students because it allows them to get a jumpstart on their career. Regardless of whether you have a trade school that focuses on beauty, auto mechanics, finance or any other exciting career, our teens want to know about it. In fact, we have about 20 categories with over 100 sub-categories for our trade schools. This will allow students to enroll and get a certificate so they can then earn more money than the average teen jobs in the marketplace. By advertising with us, you can become part of this exciting process. Download 'Admission Marketing at TeenCareer' (PDF)

Free listing: You have the opportunity to register for a FREE listing of your trade or vocational school. We will display a limited amount of information which will be displayed to our visitors. This way you get your school’s information out there and our teens are able to search for a school that will provide them with the skills they are looking for in their area. Click here to start!

Premium listing: If you prefer, you can upgrade your listing to a Premium account. This will enable you to display more information about your school, such as a logo, contact information and a website URL. Premium accounts are also always listed first on the search results page so you can attract the most attention. You can take advantage of the $249 trial price for the first year and save $100. The low-risk offer allows your school to try our service immediately and start recruiting new students to your certificate programs. Click here to register!